Confusion about LOR

Please help!!!

I’ve been struggling to get 3 established tech expert to help me letter of recommendations.

Is it possible for a Professor of Engineering write to write for me? What’s the chances like?

How about a Software Engineer in a Big Tech Company… who is like a Senior Developer… what’s the chance again?

Is there a way out around this?

Saw this video on LOR. Hope it helps


Thanks @Mors_E

I would have a look

Does engineering mean computer engineering, do they do research related to digital technology.
Do they know your work well? In what capacity do they know you?
If they’re in other engineering field not related to digital technology, they won’t be an appropriate recommender for this application.

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Thanks for your response… I’m not sure he is a good fit…

Is it possible to get 2 or all recommendation letters from the same organisation?

What’s the chance for that too?

You should avoid doing so. An applicant for this visa is expected to know a network of experts both in organisations they’ve worked and outside. So you need to have a good representation of external experts in your LoR. Having two people from the same organisation where you’ve worked is not recommended.


Thanks alot… I appreciate