Completed the Stage1 application

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I have completed the home office application for stage 1 with the fee payment and submitted the application on the TechNation(there references to the home office application and payment reference)
Is there anything else to do on the home office side of things?

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there is a mail you are supposed to send to home office wit URN no. and checklist if you have done that then nothing else to do.

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Thanks a lot indeed…I have sent that mail with just the checklist attached. The checklist did say that I need not have to send documents to home office, rather upload document only to TechNation.

Not at all Zemba. If you have submitted your document on Tech Nation site (survey monkey link) , then you have Nlnothing else to do for now. Keep a look out in your email for your response. Hopefully it would be an endorsement so you can proceed to stage 2.

You actually don’t need to send anything else to Home Office for now. I think that instruction you refer to is for all the Global Talent visa types (Fashion, Engineering, etc).

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Thanks a lot indeed… Looks like one can get response any where between 1 day to 8 weeks… So I am just going to be building a calm wait :slight_smile: