Common Questions

1.Is it true for getting endorsed you need to provide salary slip with more then 100k$ per year.
2. If so how many year salary slip did you provided, plus did they verified you salary through bank statement or some other means.
3. Did you provide open source contributions if so how much forks you had for your repository on your GitHub profile.
4. Do they contact or call companies which provide you with letter of recommendations.
5. Were the Companies which provided you with letter of motivation had great online reputation i.e with ties from big names like Google, Microsoft, Facebook amazon etc.
6. What if the person is entrepreneur that is working on his self projects which have not been done any business or just not that yet published in market, because they were big to be launched or requires some good marketing before they can be kicked off for publishing.(i.e can not provide salary slips for verification)

So these were some common questions that came to mind immediately after looking initially into global talent visa program, Looking forward to personnel experiences of alumni members.


  1. Not true. Do your research and use the benchmark for high earning in the UK or your home country.

  2. Your evidence should not be more than three pages. You can use a combination of your employment contract and payslips. Or only employment. As for verification, tech nation said they may undertake a check if your evidence is suspicious. I am not sure why you are asking if they verify, just ensure you put legit documentation.

  3. You need to show consistent contribution, and that your contribution is regarded by others.

  4. We dont work for technation they may undertake a check. What’s the motive of asking these sort of questions?

  5. It doesn’t matter

  6. ???

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Thanks for your answers.

  1. Do you know any one earning around 20k$ a year and still got in global talent visa.
  2. Just want to know whose contact number should i put in, i mean ceo can sign letter of recommendations but contacting them without appointment is “endeavor in its ownself”, I mean my ceo charge around 300$ for 5 minute call, in his domain, and that if you are lucky so not sure whose contact number should i put in evenn though I can get letter of motivation signed from him, but I suspect if he would be upto endorsement teams checks demands etc.
  3. For enterprenuer it is common to have months going in self projects which give you nothing at “monthly income value” (as most of the people are so into rat race they forget they are much more capable thats for them), basically long term projects with no face value in terms of $$, like a building whoose infrastructure is worth something even though its earning or give you nothign for rent values, for those much worked it was worked on, you see unfiinished projects with no proof of earning, is there any speacial case for it.

Btw I hope I was able to answer " What’s the motive of asking these sort of questions?" Basically suspecting other person intention, but well. there you go, I am kind person, all people are welcome to suspect my intentions!

  1. I dont know. $20k a year is definitel not high salary.

  2. The contact number of the author.

  3. Tech Nation evidence says substantial revenue more that the applicant salary or so. Who you are describing may not show leadership or potential. It is possible you dont have sufficient evidence to get you endorsed at thus time, if that’s the case, keep working until you meet the criteria.

As for the motive, you have answered your question yourself.

You can use a tool like to generate your salary slip for the last three months. As for the other questions, check the Global Talent Visa program’s official website or contact their support team for more information. Good luck!

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I am earning around $30k. Does this salary enough?

@Muhammad_Sarim you should compare it to the local pay grade from where you are from if you want to claim that it’s relatively high. Generally speaking that’s not a lot.