Commercial mentorship?

Hello, everyone! I am so happy that I found this forum in the very beginning of my GTV journey!
This month (few days ago I assume) the Tech Nation Visa Guide was updated with clarifications regarding the mentorship evidences.

Evidence of mentorship must be for activity outside the applicant’s organisation or normal course of work duties and excludes mentorship of other commercial organisations as part of a commercial arrangement. Mentorship should be on behalf of a structured programme with selection criteria and is inclusive of non-profit charities and social mentorship programmes. You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution. Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient.

Does it mean that if I had a part-time job as a programming teacher in the IT Academy and helped dozens of students to get their first job - it will not be considered just because I was paid for the lectures?

And one more example/question:
It says that activity must be outside of the applicant’s organisation. But what if I was an initiator of creating a training center based in the organisation? I was not additionally paid for this, students were studying absolutely for free and in the end the best of them got a job in our and other companies. Is such scenario also not suitable?

Thank you!

@tamango Mentorship is a very tricky one to clear. It seems Tech Nation has updated the criteria for mentorship. I thinking Mentorship + Significant_Remuneration = A_Job and Mentorship = A_Job - Significant_Remuneration. If you can prove that your mentorship is not financially motivated, you might be able to clear the criteria.

@Blase.Ironclad If you can conceal it very well, good luck.

@tamango There can be serious repercussions for intentionally mis-leading the panel. So please don’t attempt to do that.

If mentorship evidence is important to your application, then mention the context. (The context you have used doesn’t seem like good evidence of mentorship on the same arguments as what @sojo has commented, but that’s your choice)

Else, use evidence on other criteria to strengthen your application.

@Shreeniwas_Iyer Thank you.

Of course I will never try to conceal such an information.