Collecting BRP from different Post Office

Hello everyone, my query is related to everyone who moved to the UK after GT Visa. Is it possible to collect BRP from a different Post Office than the one mentioned during the time of application? I am in a different city now and cannot go to London due to job. Anyone faced similar issue before?

Thank you

The UK government site documents these immigration scenarios quite well. You can find your answer here

Thank you but I checked that already and I was curious if anyone in the forum has actually gone through that? I am asking because the Post Offices who deal with Biometrics and BRPs are very rare and the closest one is still in another city. I just did not want to go there early on a Saturday just to hear they won’t entertain me. Secondly the phone support is very bad of the official Post Office number and it is impossible to talk to a human and share my concerns with them

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