Code Snippets in Evidence document

I am data analyst. I work in a Uk bank. As part of my Evidence documents of technical contribution at my place of work. Is it proper to do a screenshot of code snippet written by me and feeback given? Hope this is not against GDPR as the screenshot I have shows the name of the organisation and colleague who gave the feedback.

Also, do I have to provide evidence for all my letter of recommendation?

Please I need an advice.

Are you not planning to mention the company you’ve worked for or working for in your application?
And does you code contain sensitive information or personal information, if yes, you shouldn’t share.
Rather than share your code, you can share your commit history in the company’s repository.

You don’t have to provide evidences for your LOR or do you mean references?

Of course i already mentioned the name of the bank in my application. I have LOR from them already.

Nope the code are just advanced SQL and SAS code containing database and schema names to show my evidence of Technical contribution to the bank as part of my Mandatory evidence. I don’t know if that is personal or sensitive information.

Also what do you mean by “commit history in the company repository”