Clarity on Tech Nation

Tech Nation did an excellent job putting together the guide, which is really detailed. Meanwhile, I believe there is a miscommunication in the guide. According to Tech Nation, technical applicants (i.e. programmers) from non-technical organisations are eligible, but the evidence required is focused on product-led digital technology companies rather than non-technical organisations. I am a website and mobile app developer, but I have also worked with non-technical organisations such as educational institutes, large film studios, and many others.

However, a few months ago, I launched my fintech startup in Nigeria, which assists African freelancers in receiving payments from customers overseas using the client’s preferred payment method and receiving the equivalent of the foreign currency in their local currency. We’ve gotten payments in the thousands of dollars for individuals, but I’m afraid this fintech is too new for Tech Nation to recognise.

I believe I am eligible for the Global Talent Visa, but I am constrained by the documentation necessary. Meanwhile, I suspect I am factually wrong and interpreting the situation inaccurately.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Hi Emmanuel,

If you have built products with impact in a non technical company this also counts. The only drawback would be being a consultant.

Thank you so much for your response.

Yes, I have created products that have made an impact. I created an LMS platform for the educational institution, which increased their outreach and revenue significantly; we now have over 400 learners from across Nigeria learning online. I essentially did most of the technical work, including recording the videos for the courses, editing them, and uploading them to the server, building a modern custom-built web platform for the courses, managing cyber security, and doing my best in digital marketing as well. In fact, I am currently building the platform’s mobile app for both Android and iOS. With the success of the LMS platform, the firm decided to offer two fully online fellowship programmes throughout Africa. I also created the online web platform for it, through which we taught over 300 fellows and impacted over 5000 students in Africa.

For the film studio, which is one of the largest in Africa. I am the head of the Technology department, where I personally developed and maintained their web platforms. I also designed a mobile app for the company, similar to Netflix but for their own content, and this app is doing well in terms of downloads and revenue in both the play store and the app store.

I am not a consultant; I work for the educational institution as the director of ICT and Digital Communications and for the film studio as the Creative Technology Director. Since I work remotely, I am able to do both. Both firms have given me work contracts.

How would I give evidence with all of this considering they are not from product-led digital technology companies?

your evidences are about you dear and not the company, there are many ways to show your impact, works, innovation or whatever criteria you choose:

Can be contracts, letter of references, sharing your product details, presses, articles about your work or you

please read the tech nation guide example of evidences.

best of luck


Thank you so much. This resolves my doubt.


Just to add my two cents. I applied with my current role being a consultant and I got the Global Talent visa. I am not sure being a consultant affects your chances.

This is very helpful. I have more chances then.

Great! I am the founder of a digital agency that build apps, websites and brands for businesses. Can I apply?

Definitely! You have a good chance.

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Thanks for your reply.

It does. However, some assessors may over look. The tech nation guide is very clear on consultancy and outsourcing. It is possible you have other industry impact or previous work that made them over look your application. It does not help when you tell people that “it does not matter” because you got it, your achievements may not be same as theirs.

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thank you for this. I didn’t know this.

Can someone who wrote me a recommendation letter also write a reference letter for my mandatory criteria?

No. It is stated somewhere that it has to be different

Oh yes, you are right. It was stated under optional criteria 3, I thought it was for just criteria 3. But one cannot be too careful. Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu

I personally imply it across at criteria.

I concur with you on this as well.