Clarity on Proof of Media Recognition

Hello everyone! I have been following the forum for a while; thank you for your contributions.

I’d like some clarity on this - quoted below:
published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material and any necessary translation

If the published media should be about the applicant, isn’t it a bit odd that it also says “You must include the evidence that you are the author of such published material”?

I think it is for emphasis. Some people have published articles in the media and the media house didn’t credit it to the actual author. I believe the guide is just emphasising that if you have to use any media publication as evidence, it must be credited to you.

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Okay that makes sense. Thanks

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Just to add to @Francisca_Chiedu. The media will reference you as the owner of any articles or publications made. E.g may show your name or even small pics of you in a corner. Remember tech nation do not know you. Its just a way to verify that you are the owners.

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