Clarity on a mandatory criteria

Hello everyone,

Please, I’d like to get clarity on the following requirement.

Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material and any necessary translation.

The “about” bit is slightly confusing.

Should the published material have been written by the applicant or written by someone else but about the applicant?

Thanks, in advance.

The latter - the published media should be about the applicant - something they have done etc.

Thank you. @Shreeniwas_Iyer

Thank you for your response Shreeniwas.
Can you please clarify on this a bit more? If the published media should be about the applicant, isn’t it a bit odd that it also says “You must include the evidence that you are the author of such published material”

There are two kinds of publications you can use for your evidence.

  1. Something published in the media about you. “Interview with FDE, Co-Founder of XYZ”. In this case it has to be about you. This is an evidence that something you do is valuable enough for media to be quoting you, or your work.

  2. Something you wrote - i.e. a research paper, or a thought piece that was published with you as an author.

Depending on the context, both could be valuable evidence.


There will be evidence that the article published or written is from you. So the news clipping can include your name or email. Also, the articles can be something you wrote on. e.g maybe you are into AI and you are writing on the impacts of AI etc…(Just an example please)

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an article you wrote. It could also be articles that you were either interviewed or your work was showcased.


Yes, you are right. I agree

This was big helpful. Thanks