Clarifying the "Senior Member of the Organisation"

Hi everyone, I’m so new to the forum so my apologies if I positioned this topic into an irrelevant place.

My question is, it is mentioned in Tech Nation’s web site like that:

Each person who writes a letter for you must:

** Be a senior member of their organisation*

I am a senior software developer working in a company that has a great impact on the sector. I wonder if it is okay to get a letter from one of my senior developer teammates who knows my work or I wonder if the “senior member” states to a C-level member of the organisation?


Try to go as senior as you can starting with CXO level and then Directors/ VPs in that order or whatever is the prevalent hierarchical structure.

Depending on the size of the organisation. It might be good to have a letter from someone senior than you & your colleague.

When you have better recommendation letter sources, your colleague’s letter can be used as a support letter, as he may know more about the details.

Btw, you mentioned your company has a great impact on the sector, it is also important that how you are/ have been impacting the sector through your company. (&/or beyond your day to day work.)

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