Clarifications regarding the Global Talent Visa

Hey folks - Wanted to to get your input on the best way to go about my GTV application

Below is my background

2013-2015 - Bloomberg - Equity Analyst covering TMT - Singapore
2015-2016 - Wine subscription startup - Singapore
2016-2017 - Uber (setting up all things safety and launching Myanmar and Cambodia) - Singapore
2017-2019 - Uber - Ran the retail operations division for EMEA - Amsterdam
2019-2021 - MBA at London Business school
2020 - GM internship at an edtech (focused on digital literacy in the UK) startup - London
2021 - Part time co-founder at BP’s incubator - London
2021 - GTM advisor for a video streaming for kids startup - Based in India
2021 2024 - Management consulting. One 5 month project leading internal AI transformation - London
2024 - Part-time business helping to automate the creation of custom books through AI - London
2024 - Antler acceptance - London

Lot of career coaching and mentoring throughout. High success rate of getting candidates into big tech firms. (20+ candidates, I can get testimonials). Have a small portfolio of personal angel investments.

I would definitely be a “business applicant”

I have ~10 years of working experience, (~5 in tech totally). However, in the last 5 years, I have approximately 1.5 year of cumulative experience in the tech sector. Should I be applying as ‘exceptional talent’ or ‘exceptional promise’?

I would be very grateful if someone could spare a few minutes and chat with me about the application.


I think you may be eligible for exceptional promise but the strength of your evidence will determine if you will get it.

Thanks for the response Francisca!

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