Clarifications on Reference Letters, Evidences

Hi everyone Please i just want to be sure of some relating to reference and recommendation letters.

LOR1 : Digitally signed by the recommender but has no certificate of completion.
LOR2 : Printed, Signed and Sent his own via mail to me (is this okay for me to use)
LOR3 : His CV was about 5 pages, (How do i go about this attaching it to his LOR)

Kindly help me with these clarifications.
Thank you.

@Francisca_Chiedu @Dee @alexnk

LOR1: I do not have knowledge on digitally signed letters.

LOR2: Hand signed letters done the traditional way is great! All my letters were hand signed and scanned to me.

LOR3: it doesn’t matter how many pages long the cv is. The letter should be 3 pages long and the cv can be as many pages as possible.

Thank you for this response.

#1 Digital signature requires the certificate to come on the last page. It will always comes together with the digital signature app/software automatically. And it does not count toward 3-page limit though.

#2 and #3 are just what @C91 answered.