Clarifications for a Stage 1 application : Basic questions

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I’ve just started the process of assimilating and planning out my application. I have just a few basic pertinent questions, which I hope you can help me with.

My profile is of a tech entrepreneur who’s also worked as a VC. My supporting documents are more or less of the following types - media coverage, speaking engagements and internal company data.How do I arrange the above to stay within the format guidelines?

i.e. do i display news articles by snippets and links or some other format
How do I display videos - screenshots and youtube links ?

Additionally another question regarding LoR’s : The tech nation guidebook states the following : "The letters must Come with the author’s CV (or other proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept) "

Do I need to ask my referrers to attach their CV? Isn’t that quite an ask? And what could serve as another proof of credentials?

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Hi @Ebrahim_Akbari

Your recommenders do not need to submit their CV. One or 2 paragraph profile should be sufficient. The assessors just need to know the quality of the recommender without having to click through to their LinkedIn page which you will also be providing.

Your letter needs to be maximum of 3 pages. I am not sure your recommender’s CV will be less than 2 pages. This is why most people don’t use it. This allows more space for your recommenders to say why they think you are exceptional. They need to be specific on this (judging by recent endorsement feedback)

For videos, screenshots and youtube link is fine but I would not depend on them solely. Did you get a letter of invitation for the session ?

As regards document arrangement, it is probably better to match the document you have to the different criteria. Don’t forget you need to qualify under the mandatory criteria and any 2 of the optionals. “Recognition” will likely be one of the options for you because that is typically where speaking engagements would fall. (It could also fall under “leading talent” criteria).

I hope this helps ?

Reminder: This is not legal nor immigration advice. This is me sharing my opinion.

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For the media, you can do use snapshots and the explanation. Adding links will be a good reference and evidence for the assessor, but don’t expect assessor to click and read every single word from your links.

Do the same to the video.

For LoR, You can use their updated LinkedIn profile URL link under their signature, instead of their CV. But in some case, if your referer which could rather be investors than employee, they may not have updated LinkedIn profile, which you may have additional CV to explain their career or job related to digital technology expert field.

Hope this helps @Ebrahim_Akbari

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Thank you! Appreciate the help

Thank you! Appreciate the assistance