Clarifications Around Switching from Tier 2 to Global Talent


I got my endorsement today for global talent visa via exceptional talent route. I would like to give a big thanks to this group specially @alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu @May for helping me and reviewing the application.

Now As I move to stage 2, I have a few questions I need help on before I start my stage 2 application -

I moved to London in sep’22 on tier 2 visa. My partner has Tier 2 dependent visa issued recently for 5 years, she will be coming end of this month to collect her BRP. She will permanently move to London by May end.

Q1 - Can my partner remain on a Tier 2 dependent visa while I switch to a global talent visa?
Q2 - If yes to question 1 - Do I need to pay a health surcharge even for dependents when they are on Tier 2 dependent visa?
Q3 - Can I apply for my partner global talent dependent visa at a later date while she stays on tier 2 dependent visa?
Q4 - Can my partner as a dependent also apply for ILR after 3 year like me or she will have to wait for 5 years?
Q5 - Since I have spent just 6 months in UK, do I need to pay surcharge for complete 3 years or can I pay for 2.5 years
Q6 - Do I have to submit my passport to the home office for stage 2 application? I have to travel a bit for my work, so that’s why asking about this

Thank you …

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I don’t have dependants so I can’t answer most of your questions but:

You need to pay the full 3 years unfortunately AFAIK. However a refund should be due since you had to pay health surcharge Tier 2 visa too (but that might be paid to your sponsor company if they paid for that, so it might be worth reaching out to them if that’s the case).

You don’t have to give your passport away but you still cannot travel outside the common travel area (UK+Republic of Ireland) while your application is processed, or the Home Office will consider your application withdrawn.

3-you don’t need to apply for a global talent dependant visa. they can stay on the same.
4- they need to wait for 5 years.
5- I think you should pay it for 3 years. ILR switch is not automatic after 2.5 years for you. so you probably pay for the whole duration of the visa you are applying for.
6- you shouldn’t travel out of the country because you won’t have a valid BRP.

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Thanks @vudu

Great to know that my dependent can stay on Tier 2 dependent visa while I switch from Tier 2 to Global Talent Visa

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