Clarification on few things

  • I have over 10 years of experience in product-led digital technology companies. But Tech Nation is only considering, 4 years of experience in product-led digital technology companies rest experience of mine comes under general consultancies, outsourcing. I need advice should I apply under the Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise catageory. Please advice.

  • Under optional criteria A link to one or more videos of talks or conferences that have had a significant viewership. Video of significant viewership? I have few videos which range from 8K to 14K views. Would these videos fall under significant viewership? Please advice.

That’s a good question.

Based on your level of experience, and examples, it sounds like you’re better suited to the Exceptional Talent track. The Exceptional Promise track is definitely skewed towards people earlier in their careers. That being said, you may get a more favourable outcome by positioning yourself in the Exceptional Promise track. I don’t have a better response to give you, but perhaps other people here have personally encountered this situation? I’m not sure how long someone can get away with having ‘Exceptional Promise.’

I received the visa under Exceptional Promise, but I’m 30yrs old and fit the criteria.