Claiming high salary for previous job

Hi everyone,

I worked for almost 4-5 months in a company in the UK where I had a salary of more than 1.5 times the average salary in the country for the same occupation/position as per Glassdoor’s numbers. But I had to leave that role after 4-5 months as I had to travel back to my country due to some family issues and joined a new role which has a salary almost the same as of country’s average.

Can I claim that I was earning high and show evidence of my previous job earnings?

It is not a claim. You just need to show evidence of your previous earnings but you should have other strong verifiable evidence.

Thank you for the reply, really appreciate that.

Would be great if you can explain a bit about what you mean by having “other string verifiable evidence”? Do you mean other evidences for high earning only or other evidence along with evidences for earning?

I mean other evidence that are in the public domain that could be easily verified.

Thanks for explaining that. So if I am submitting some documents for high earnings against a job, I can add link to my LinkedIn profile and mention the people with whom I have worked during that job?

@Francisca_Chiedu Do you evidence like employment letter and a bank statement?

@digitlimit as written in the guide, you can use evidence like employment contracts, payslips or equity grants to prove that you earned a high salary