Case and evidences for Exceptional Promise

Hello everyone! I would like to present for your consideration my case, which I am planning to submit for evaluation to Tech Nation. I will be applying as an Exceptional Promise, since my industry experience is no more than 5 years.

Next, I would like to receive comments from you regarding how I should position myself and my experience: I am in doubt between two options:

  • In the first case, my experience in product development can be counted from November 2018 (which is less than 5 years to date).
  • The second case - my experience can be counted from July 2022 (just over 1 year to date).

The thing is, since 2017 I have been working in the development of hardware solutions and software for the mining industry. I joined the company as an equipment installation and configuration engineer (computers, navigation, sensors, and communication systems), and in November 2018 I made a career to the head of the engineering department. On the one hand, I led similar engineers, and I wasn’t particularly involved in IT development: my task was to select equipment and manage engineers who traveled to our projects and set up correctly (I had 40 people under my supervision). On the other hand, I had to interact actively with the software development group, especially on-board computers and controllers. Our company created a product “underground mining dispatch system”, and I have a document where I am mentioned as the “chief engineer of the project”. This project had scaling within one customer to three different underground mines, and then the company sold and implemented this product to another customer. Mentions of projects and their financial effects are available on the internet (although without my surname), I want to ask - is this suitable for OC3?

Next, I will briefly provide arguments and evidence for MC, OC2, and OC3 for your evaluation. All further arguments are relevant to my experience after July 2022:

As for the Mandatory Criteria, here I want to demonstrate that I am an emerging leader in the field of Mining Tech.

  • First of all, I prove that I work in the field of Mining Tech: link to the publication with the rating “Top 10 Mining Tech Solutions Companies in Europe - 2020”.
  • Secondly, I demonstrate that the company is product-oriented: link to the publication where it says “Flagship product for managing the mining transport complex ASU GTK “Quarry” is used by 90% of mining companies in Russia and the CIS”.

Next, I prove that I am an Exceptional Promise Talent in this field:

  • my article dated May 22, 2023 “The Most In-Demand System Classes in the Digitalization of Mining Enterprises” in the industry online publication.
  • My comment to the article “Due to sanctions, the cost of developing AI systems in Russia has increased” in the business magazine “Kommersant”, 2000 views of the article.
  • My participation as a speaker at the industry conference (June 2023), stream “DIGITAL MINING & METALLURGY”, the topic of the report “The Future of Mining Equipment: Predicting Failures of Diesel and Electric Dump Truck Power Plants”. There is a photo of my performance, there is a conference program where I am indicated as a speaker, there is a “certificate of gratitude” from the organizers.
  • A letter of gratitude from the Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, Inc. United Kingdom. about that in 2021 their team was looking for an industrial expert to conduct a meeting for their client and “introduce them to cutting-edge technologies, and demonstrate how the digital tools can be useful in production management”, and I held a 60-minute presentation for them.

Next, OC2:

  • My participation in the online conference “Innovations for Mining and Metallurgy. Examples of Machine Vision Technology Use.”, where I presented the report “Innovations for Mining and Metallurgy. Examples of Machine Vision Technology Use”. There is a publication stating “The online conference format brought together over 700 participants from across the country”, there is a video recording of my performance, (the file is available via link) (I have an additional question here - should I upload the file to YouTube?)
    My doubts about this evidence: the logo of my company is featured in the materials, won’t it be perceived as activity related to job duties?

  • A series of articles on the moderated platform habr. com:

    1. Article from July 19, 2023 “Machine Vision for Mining Equipment Control” with a description of the technology, stack, business context, and a demonstration video. 1900 views, 21 comments, 39 article bookmarks.
    2. The second article on the same topic - improved algorithm, new features in the demonstration video (the article is not yet written)
    3. Article “Predicting Diesel Engine Failure with Machine Learning” (the article is not yet written)

Additional Evidences - my candidates for OC2:

  • My article from February 2023 “Active Safety Systems in the Mining Industry” - essentially it’s a review of existing market technologies, nonetheless, it has 840 views, 12 likes.
  • My article “INNOVATIONS FOR MINING” in Control Engineering Russia magazine (to be published soon), there is a pdf document after layout.
  • My comments in the articles:
    1. “Risk-free for humans: how robotics is developing in the mining industry”
    2. “Industrial Internet of Things. Sensors have penetrated into concrete and cows”
    3. “Robotic transport is the near future, but for now, technologies are at the prototyping stage”

Perhaps someone can suggest how to prioritize these Evidence?

Here, the situation is slightly more complex, as the innovative products I’ve been working on for the past year have not yet achieved commercial success. There is interest from many clients, but things move quite slowly with mining companies (a peculiarity of the industry).

  • I plan to demonstrate here the impact on the industry of a product I contributed to developing and implementing in 2019. As I mentioned earlier, this product is the “Underground Mining Dispatch System”, and I have a document where I am named as the “Lead Project Engineer”.
    There is an article in which the Customer’s Director for Automation and Information Transformation of Production states that “The Automatic Control System for Mining Operations (ACSOM), which we are currently implementing at our mines, should help us fulfill the production plan for 2020 of 3.7 tons of nickel and 7.4 thousand tons of copper with an economic effect of $29 million.”
    An article indicates that the company (after I left) implemented this product for another customer, and the article mentions the following: “The digitization of processes has increased efficiency indicators of machinery work in the mine by 12%.”
  • My second piece of evidence is my salary: I demonstrate that it is approximately 1.8 times higher in the Russian market than that of other people in the same position.

Thank you to everyone who read my message, I would be extremely grateful for any help, any comments and opinions.

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Hi, I kindly ask you to look at my case and evaluate it:

I think that your application has a good chance of getting endorsed. I can see that you should be able to demonstrate a few strong evidence in each criterion.


  • Provide the reference and information of the media/channel owner you published your article or your speaking performance, to demonstrate the trustworthiness and strengthen your application to meet the expectation. Same to the salary benchmark.

OC3: You will need to create an impact to your organization, on the product that your company owns. The impact on the product you deliver for your company’s clients will not be considered. In fact, being an outsource will not be considered or qualified for this visa route. It is mentioned in TN guidelines that

Please note that ‘leading industry experts’ excludes roles listed as unsuitable in the Typical Applicants section of the guidance (for example, managers at Outsourcing or Consultancy firms etc.). Evidence of recognition, such as Reference Letters, provided by an immediate colleague, manager, or friend are not sufficient.
ref: Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation

So you will need to be sure on this criteria to see if you will be eligible or not.

It seems that you are strong in MC and OC2. My advice here is that if you can provide 2-3 strong evidence on each criterion, you may try to get endorsed for Exceptional Talent route as well. I believe that if you are not qualified for “Talent” route, you should be considered “promise” route as a backup as well.

I hope this helps @Vladimir_Lebedev

Thank you Alex!
Your advice is really valuable. I will try to take everything into account and collect a strong case

Best wishes @Vladimir_Lebedev

your aerticles in july and may are very recent, avoid using recent evidence.

Hey @Vladimir_Lebedev, did you submit your articles from May & July (which were a bit recent) and did you receive a decision yet? (asking because I am planning to submit a few evidences which may count as recent, so wondering what could be the outcome) Thank you for your help!