Can you please rate my profile?

Hello all,

Thank you for your awesome forum.

Please help review my application for endorsement.

I’m applying as an Exceptional Promise.

What Pros & Cons does my application have?


I have a B.Sc. in Computer science and an M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship.

In the last 5 years, I worked as a product manager/growth hacker in 3 startups. One in the gaming marketplace, second in insurtech, and the third one in the c2c English learning platform.

In these startups, I manage both technical and marketing teams to first create the product and then make them grow.

We start from almost zero and now the gaming one has more than 40K customers, 60K active installations on the play store, and about 1K orders daily. We start with 3 people, and now we are 15.

In insurtech one, I joined in the middle of the journey, I changed the whole product, we implement API for insurances and customers now can directly buy 5 types of insurance from more than 27 insurance companies. For now, we are working on making claim process management online. Also, on the marketing side, we reach about 30K daily visitors and more than 400 leads per day. I managed PPC & email marketing programs and hire a new content creator team to focus on SEO.

Recommendation Letters:

1- Cofounder of the gaming marketplace startup

2- Owner of the insurtech company

3- CEO of the English learning platform

Mandatory Requirements:

1- You led the marketing or business development at a product-led digital technology company, demonstrably enabling substantial revenue and/or customer growth or major commercial success, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, senior global commercial executives inside the company and/or at company partners/customers, or similar evidence.

I can show all the growth data like Google Analytics, Google Ads campaigns (more than 100K$ under my management), growth in the number of customers from zero to 40K, Number of daily orders, etc.

2- You have received nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence specifically in the digital technology sector, as evidenced by the award itself, reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your achievement, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence.

We placed 3rd rank on LG Global Challenger Awards, Our project was finding a solution to increase the number of successful startups in accelerator programs in my country, Iran. Our project was selected among more than 2K projects, and we had 15 days trip to the UK and visited accelerators like Founders Factory, O2 Wayra, Oxford innovation center, Google campus, etc. to find out how we could achieve our goal.

Optional Criteria:

1—How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized for my work outside my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

I was teaching 4 different courses in MBA/DBA/Masters in university.

1- digital marketing management

2- introduction to python for data analysis

3- data-driven marketing

4- new product development

2- How do I demonstrate that I have made significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member, or employee of a product-led digital technology company?

Having led or played a key role in the growth of a product-led digital technology company, such as influencing investment and strategy or delivering major products or releases.

Documents detailing your significant contribution towards commercial success (such as evidence of sales pipeline built and delivered, growth generated, leads generated, processes developed and implemented).

The work I have done for the insurtech company, both on the tech side and marketing side.

Thank you,

Hello Arad and welcome to the forum.

I can see OC2 as a weak point.
Teaching in university alone could be weak. And if you were a teaching as part of teacher work duty, it will be weak to satisfy OC2. It might only strengthen MC criteria.

From the guide:

You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution. Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient.

With all that awards, nationally recognized prizes and leading tech side of the products and changing one completely,why you didn’t choose OC1 innovation criteria?

OC3 impact sounds ok so far, has to be packed well.

I think you have a pretty good profile for promise, however, you need to present your case well and put explanatory post to demonstrate leadership and Impact. Show evidence to back the numbers you have stated.

As for your recommendation letters, could you possibly get other recommenders. You may need your current employer to give you a reference in OC3 to show your significant impact in the insutech company.

As for the award you referenced i the mandatory criteria, was the award given to you or the company? If the award is not in your nae then it doesn’t count. You can’t use a team ward to evidence leadership.

As for your OC2, teach MBA/DBa doesn’t count, it is not even a tech course, the tech nation guide states that teaching in a University is not sufficient. I am not sure what you mean in 2, 3 and 4.

As for the OC3, in addition to showing evidence of your work also get. a reference letter as second evidence and salary as a third evidence.

Even if you are doing promise, don’t limit yourself to few evidence. Goodluck!


1- LG Challenger consists of 4 people.

This is one of the press articles about our trip and project there.

2- I can get extra rec from the c2c english learning platform which is based in the UK.

3- I have an extra recommendation from my Master’s prof saying that my works mix academic and practical works together and recommend me as a person who can advance data-driven marketing practical techniques based on theories.

4- in tech nation evidence guid said that:

  1. How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

You can demonstrate this by providing evidence that you have gone beyond your day-to-day profession to engage in an activity that contributes to the advancement of the sector. Examples may include mentoring, advising, organising interest groups, leading on policy, teaching at a university or participating in clubs or societies for the furthering of the field.

It says that teaching at a university is acceptable. I teach at the University of Tehran, the highest ranked university in Iran.

@Savvkin can you please review again? ty <3

also I was mentor at 6 startup weekend event at our university.

@Arad_Mokhtari, I’m not an expert and you’ve better to listen @Francisca_Chiedu, as she is much more experienced here.

But again, I see that OC2 is more about volunteering to advance the tech sector. If you’re a famous conference speaker, that will do, if you are author or significant contributor of some fancy opensource software, that will do.
Teaching in university most likely won’t. Yes, it’s included in OC2, but as the last (and least) point in the list with special note included Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient.

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Well said, as at october, Tech Nation added a clause about teaching in a University not being sufficient. It also must not be a commercial arrangement. Besides, in this case it is a DBA and MBA, it clearly doesn’t fit the criteria. We have given him our honest opinion, he is welcome to submit based on his interpretation of the guide. I am not commenting further on his profile.

PS: the award he referenced is not an award and not significant, he was given an opportunity to visit the University of Liverpool. Away, there is no am trying.

thanks guys, I’m really appreciate it. I’m going to change the requirements and let you know again

I think Im going to add extra recommendation from ceo of one fintech startup that I was their mentor when they were at early stage. and for oc2 I will choose showing the claim process management system we implemented in insurtech company. how about this ?

Arad Jan,

That can certainly help, but MAYBE you should look into OC3 and OC4 as well, specially OC4 since you have an academic background…

Having said that, I think it should be a good idea to get a job offer in the UK as well, I guess that can help as well.