Can you check my eligibility?

Hi folks
A few friends and well wishers also asked me to consider the innovator program, but I would definitely prefer Global Talent route because of the flexibility it provides. I am giving a brief of my profile along with the strategy I plan to pursue below. Would love if the members can review and give me an honest feedback of whether I should apply under Global Talent Category?

Eligibility Category
Exceptional Talent (Business)

Evidence to Support my claim
Proven track record as an entrepreneur:
I am a 2-time entrepreneur having successfully exited my previous company in 2018. My current company is a pure tech company building software for the real estate industry. I have lead both the companies as the CEO and directly lead the product division internally.

Proof of recognition of work beyond occupation:

  1. I run a newsletter about the industry I serve which has about 5,000 subscribers and is one of the most widely read newsletters in the industry. I have written more than 50 articles in the past 18 months alone, and my writings have been read more than 100,000 times by people in the industry
  2. I have spoken on multiple panel discussions within the industry, been a guest on 10 different podcasts and guest posted in several industry publications

I have been working professionally for 10 years primarily as an entrepreneur. I was in analytics and consulting for 2 years at the beginning of my career, before starting my own ventures.

I started my first company in 2014 and served as the CEO throughout the journey from ideation, GTM, fund raising, etc. It was not a pure tech company, but a tech enabled services business. I lead the company to an acquisition in 2018, and exited the same.

In 2018, I started my current company which is purely a technology company focussed on the real estate industry. I currently serve as the co-founder and CEO of the same. We have raised some financing from investors, are profitable and growing 2X a year.

In both my startups, I have also donned the hat of the CPO and lead the product and technology vision. I work closely with our engineering team (which is lead by our VP - Engineering), but am not a coder myself.

My LinkedIn is here -

We have some clients in the UK already, and are getting a LOT of enquiries. After doing a thorough market scan, it looks like we can really make an impact on the real estate industry in the UK using our technology. I want to move there to set up our team and presence to better serve the UK market.

Thank you in advance!

It’s hard to answer general questions like these because you have not provided any details about what route you intend to apply under (talent or promise) and what qualifying criteria you think you might use for the application.

In general, it sounds like you may have the profile and success to meet several of the qualifying criteria, but it’s hard to say without understanding your proposed strategy for the application.

I’d suggest reviewing the official Tech Nation visa guidance, devising your strategy (what route, what qualifying criteria, what proposed evidence), then it would be easier for the successful applicants here to provide input based on their experience. You have to remember each person here can only speak from their own experience. You need to find your own strategy to apply.

People here are incredibly helpful if you have specific questions.

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Appreciate this Dashad. Your feedback is fair, and I will update my original post with further details.

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I’d say apply! It seems like you’d have a good chance (with relevant reference letters, personal statement, etc.).

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