Can working in Bank or Investment Banking be a show stopper

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I am so delighted to come across this forum in my search for clarity on the Tech nation endorsement.
I am a Cybersecurity Professional with more than 10 years working experience in the field of IT and Information Technology Security. I have worked in two different Commercial banks in Nigeria and presently working as Team Lead , Information Security Management System in one of the leading Investment banking companies in Nigeria. Also I have few professional Certifications in Cybersecurity.

I will like to confirm if I am eligible to apply for Tech nation endorsement. My concern is that information online is saying that Tech nation only consider people that work in start-up companies or those that have their personal business.

A clarity on the above concern will be so much appreciated. Can working in the Bank/Investment Banking company be a show stopper?


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@ismo I think you qualify based on the TN visa guide: Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation

See item 1 below:

Tech Nation’s criteria are designed for applicants with technical and business skills in the digital technology sector. Suitable skill types are listed below. This list is not complete and provides an indication of the typical applicants assessed by Tech Nation.

  1. Technical applicants (i.e. programmers) from non-technical organisations are eligible.
  2. Non-technical applicants (i.e. business roles) from technical organisations are eligible.
  3. Non-technical applicants from non-technical organisations are generally not eligible.
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thanks for your comment. I am patiently waiting to read comments from others.

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