Can we use the remaining two pages when a one page letter of reference is submitted as part of evidence?

Hello All,

As we all know that for each piece of evidence/document of no more than three A4 sides in length.
I was wondering if i were to submit a one page ‘letter of reference’ recommendation as part of one of the evidences, then can I use the remaining 2 pages in same the evidence for giving evidence such as press release etc. on the same topics covered by the recommender in the ‘letter of reference’?

Looking forward to your guidance.


I could not resist asking ChatGPT this question and here is the response i got :slight_smile:
Please do not rely on ChatGPTs advice as it can often be wrong, so looking forward to hearing from the community.

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@saurabh that should be fine in my view because the visa guide does not state that it cannot be done.