Can Verified International Academic Qualifications by WES(World Education Services) be counted as any evidence?

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I am trying to know if someone has verified their degree through WES and has earned badge from them can it be counted as any evidence?
MC or OC4

This is similar to for UK

It can be counted in addition to your original academic qualification.

So, you can submit your academic qualification on one page and then show the bades (together with verificaton links) on another page for instance.

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What if a person has completed their masters 10 years ago…Can it still be counted? but his WES badge is not 5 year old. I mean around 7 years after completion his master he has varified his acadamic qualification and earned badge in 2019

The knowledge and experience you gained from the program 10 years ago are still with you. Besides, WES is not the institution that awarded the qualification. So, I would say you either don’t use the evidence at all or submit the original qualification and then support it with WES.

But original qualification was completed around 10 years ago

To be honest, I don’t know how the age of academic qualifications are treated. Interestingly, I’ve also not seen anyone with the issue.

My advise though is to consider the merit of the qualification itself (for instance, if you graduated from Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, UCL and the likes), then it would add value to your work. Otherwise, you can just use the WES but I would suggest not to make it like a full evidence on its own.

The age of the qualification is too risky unless of course, you are applying for ET.

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Perhaps if you can list all the evidence you’re using for OC4 we can provide holistic feedback. This is only one of the several other evidence that can be used in OC4 and the strength of other evidence will come into play in determining how you should present his.

I do not think I can gather other evidence for OC4 other than degree certificate(of 10 years ago) and WES (of 3 years ago). I just wanted to know if it can apply for MC if not then thinking for OC4 does not make sense for me as WES and degree certificate won’t be enough for this