Can this Digital Consulting work fulfil a criterion?

Hi! Please could you share your experience/thoughts around the following:
Being an employee of a leading digital consulting company i did 2 projects (one for retail bank and another for a public sector client) as a Scrum Master and Leading Business Analyst that were recognized by the head of digital in the bank and a specialist in Robotics inside the consulting firm. The letters of recommendations state that i helped to create a completely new digital product on the market (app) and a completely new digital platform for public sector client, that has never been created before and both of the solutions are in use now.

Will these 2 letters of recommendation (from the head of digital in retail bank and specialist in Robotics inside the consultancy) be eligible evidences i can put through in my application?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and experience expressed!

Disclaimer: I don’t work for the Tech Nation and cannot represent Tech Nation

I think it is all, of course, case-by-case thing.
However, I have an impression (based on what I read in the Global Talent visa guidance) that consulting-related experience (even if indistinguishable from being full-time employee of the company you’ve provided consulting services) will look less strong evidence comparing to similar (or even less impressive) experience/contribution in a product-led company.

Hi Alex, thank you for your answer!

If anyone has the same past experience with consulting please also give your thoughts as i guess it could be quite a common situation and answers will help lots of other people, thank you

Sure, no worries.

Look at what the current guidance says:

Please note the following specialisms are generally not considered suitable

  • Service Delivery, Process Delivery, Outsourcing, Consultancy (technical or management), ERP Consultancy, Systems Admin and all related fields.


Based on this description it does look that the experience you’ve mentioned may be considered as not suitable