Can Students in the UK apply for Tech Nation visa

I am a student in the UK and currently in my last semester . before applying for the PSW can I apply for the Tech Nation ? OR is it wise to apply after getting PSW?

You can but it might be harder to meet the eligibility criteria unless your current studies are a specialized phd if you have not worked at product oriented companies.

I have 11 years of experiences in the IT industry. I am a software quality assurance professional

  1. I have worked for a large product company for 8.5 years
  2. I have worked for a product based startup company
  3. I am currently working as a consultant for a b2b commerce domain based company
    But I am currently studying for my masters and in my last semester
    I can get recommendation letters from CEO /Dev Director/QA Head above companies
    I have published some Software QA related articles in the Linkedin
    I have a open source tools related github repositories as well
    What do you think @csgirl

You would have to look at the OC criteria and pick 2 of them.

I have not applied yet myself so I donĀ“t really know. But 1 and 2 seems good assuming you can prove what you did in your role there and what the product actually is. Even better if it is an innovative product.

3 seems irrelevant since it is clearly a consultation role which is not eligible as per the guide.

For the recommendations, it depends on how good they are and how high profile your recommenders themselves are.

Publishing things on linkedin and medium does not really count as anyone can do that and it might get viewed by almost no one. I am referring to academic journal publications.

Open source tools also helps but it would help if you can prove they are used my a lot of people.

You will get a PSWP after your studies. Also this is more of a Innovation visa, do you think you can show any github contrubutions as a QA? or some tool you developed to advance the field ? without that it would be Hard.

@Pankaj_Doharey @shanimagz

I am in the same basket as you, i have 11 years of experience and out of which 5 years was while i was finishing my masters in germany, for which the degreee is still pending.

I have made test architectures in two companies from scratch but its for the companies so its all their private code .
How can i prove these things?

recently in my company i worked and devloped a LLM powered chatbot to help users /QA rampup fast for tools.
But again it is property of the company.

How do you show these contributions?