Can someone please guide me on re-application procedure? (Not review)

Hi All,

Unfortunately my application got rejected for QC1 mentioning that my company is not a Product company. I applied for review but decision remains unchanged. I believe I have a strong case. Is anyone aware about re-application process? When to re-apply? What things to consider while re-applying?


I am sorry you didn’t get the endorsement the first time.

To “re-apply” is simply submitting a new application. You will need to pay the fees again and start your stage 1 application on the home office site. There is no time limit as to when you submit a new application.

The good news is that you have gotten 2 different pieces of feedback as regards your first application. Ensure you fix the issues in applying again. This generally means submitting additional evidence around the criteria you did not qualify on the first time.

It is also important that you do not overtly focus on this and then inadvertently not submit enough evidence for the other criteria that you passed the first time.

Please bear in mind that your new application is a new process entirely. Technation will not refer to your old application in processing it.

Wishing you the very best.

Thanks for the detailed reply @badesemowo. Are you aware of any applicants who got successful after re-applying? Do we need to provide reference of earlier application while re-applying? My application was rejected both the times with reason that my company is not Product led. Whereas other applicants from the same company got endorsed. Do you have any suggestion on this?

Hi @Nilam
Sorry to hear about your rejection.
Yes, I am aware of quite a few applications who were successful on re-application.
No need to provide reference of earlier application.
Failing QC1 for product-led is tricky and typically difficult to over-turn. I think every applicant is unique with a unique application strategy and corresponding evidences. So benchmarking “other applicants from same company” would not help in any way. You could perhaps produce your own evidence which justifies why you indeed meet the criteria.
Best of luck for the re-application.

Yes. I am aware of people that got their endorsement after a second application and submitting additional documents. I have also worked with people for an endorsement review that was successful.

If you have gotten rejected twice. It means you have 2 - 4 feedback from different assessor teams that should point you in the right direction of what you are missing.
(4 if you applied for endorsement review each time).

I think you should let someone look at what you are submitting as submitting the same thing again will likely lead to the same outcome if you don’t fix the issues. Fixing it may also mean waiting for few more months to apply after gaining better traction on your product.

I don’t mind doing a free 20 minutes session to give further specific feedback. I will put my calenderly link in my profile if you need it.

Hi @Nilam ,
Whether same recommendation letter submitted for first application can be furnish for reapplication ?

Thanks .

Hi Badesemowo

Please do you have few moments to have a quick call about my application? If you can share me your LinkedIn and I could reach out to you there, thanks

@moorenike please check my profile here. I run an office hour every Tuesday for now focused on Tech Nation Visa. This may be helpful.