Can somebody Review my application as a Artificial Intelligence

Recommendation Letters:

1: CEO/Co Founder of Tech Company A
2: CEO of Tech Company B
3: Senior Professor with 15 research publications

Mandatory Criteria:

Co-Founder At Company A:

1: Worked on new innovative AI based product with Company A

  • Screenshot of Seed funding From Unicef on that project.
  • Got Selected among top 3 team in all over Pakistan in event organized by Unicef (Screenshots)
  • Media Recognition for the Same project with national news channels clippings and Unicef Article with my name and recognition for this project.
    *Another article as a group innovation with 100,000 views and 1000+ comments.

2: Senior Research project AI based Mentor

  • worked on 5 AI based projects (Company-level) including Smart Part monitoring With License plate tracking, Humanoid Robots and Wall painting Robots.
  • Won National compeitions for these.
  • Reference Letter/Letter of my work Acknowledgment from Another senior member of Company A

3: Company A Association documents.

  • Equity Document Screenshot
  • Company Revenue VIA external link to drive.

4: Another Innovative Education Startup using AI from My university Incubation where i was selected from 56 teams.

  • Leaded team in the development of that Web base soluton which is no longer in market.
  • Won National competition (Screenshot of winning and recieving award)
  • 2 University Article of our startup on website.
  • Provided Crowd sourcing ideation to One of the biggest tracking company in My country in case study youth challenge hakathon (Represented the same incubated startup). That solution is now launched in 2022.
  • Mentioned our startup in university Report of 2019 with images of winning.

5- Research Paper Publication In ICEET Conference by IEEE
*Screenshot with My name

  • Reviews of Reviewer about innovation.

6- web page and portal development As a team lead of UAE based project with Company B.

  • Screenshot of Portal and Web pages.
  • Certificate of Appreciation on that project from Company B.
  • Pay slip more then average sallary offered comparision with glassdoor.

Optional Criteria 2 (Outside the field):

1: Provided Tech Structured Mentorship of Coding to Orphans with Reowned leadership Foundation

*Screenshot Of Tech Classes.

  • Students Testimonials with Translation
  • My Motivational speech to students regarding Tech career
  • Career Support to individuals in MC1 Competitin organized by Unicef to Individuals selected from all across Pakistan.

2- Reference Letter from the Director of Foundation Regarding my Mentorship.

Optional Criteria (Innovation) :

1: My work of innovation on AI based project document With Company A.

  • comparision screenshot with existing Researches.

2: Survey document with users.

3 Case study document that how this technology changed the life of a guy ABC.

I would really be grateful if i get a review on this since i am planning to apply for Promise route. Is there any chance for me of getting GTV ?

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How many post are you making regarding you application?

Hi i just changes to this one @Francisca_Chiedu. Can you leave a review for this.

I am gonna delete previous one. I would be grateful if you give review on this sister.

Anyone is there to review?

@alexnk ?? Can you please check my application ?

Stop spamming the forum with your post. Volunteers will respond when they have the time.

Evidence 1. Worked on innovative product for company A, how does UNICEF come into the picture? How do you demonstrate leadership with this evidence. What does the media recognition say about you?

Evidence 2: aside the reference letter, what else are you showing?

Evidence 3: don’t put external link to drive. Take screenshot of the revenue but I think this is more suitable for OC3

Evidence 4: TMI, what exactly is the evidence?

OC2 evidence is not sufficient, this is not a structured mentorship programme.

1- I have made a seperatw document for MC-1. I was selected in a national hakathon organized by UNICEF, where We got seed funding and this funding and UNiCEF article was for the same project that i along with my team developed under Company A. Unicef has highlighted my name as a major contributor to this project, and in news clipping i am talking about my work and the innovation aiming to represent international competition for which we were invited.

2- I am showing the pictures screenshot of recieving awards in national competition + link to a recognition on university website.

3- Sincw the Incoming revenue is in the form of messages that we recieved for each payment that we recieved this is why i put all those images in a drive, but i am gonna change it.

4- I am gonna change number 4.

One question is aside from mentorship for OC2 what else can i use from mandatory or OC3 in OC2 ?

I see that you are providing a lot of evidence in MC and OC2, but you may need to be selective to choose a few strong ones to show that you meet Tech Nation’s criteria.

I think your evidence leans toward mentoring and competition. Showing one side of your talent, mentoring, may not be sufficient. Do add and focus more on any success in your role, business impact, and media mention about your work in the Digital Technology field.

Your OC1. We do not have details about this innovation, but be sure that your innovative project is unique and really new idea to the market. Beside from comparision screenshot with existing Researches , do compare to the existing technology as well. While surveys and case study may not be sufficient as standalone evidence.

I hope this helps @Adeelawan12

Hi @alexnk

Thank you for your valuable feedback jusy one question is

Can i use all OC1 innovation evifences in OC3 ? Since my innovation is part of advancement in the field of AI in my Company with evidences and impact based on case studies ?

Yes, you can use the same product. But be sure to talk about your innovativeness in your OC1 and business impact in OC3.