Can I use a reference letter from managers who have left the company

My 1st referee was the head of technology and the other referee for the second company, head of product/financial services have left the company where I worked with them.

Both of them are still leaders in their new respective companies, the first one being head of tech, while the second one now a start up founder that recently raised some money

Does technation accept reference letters from refrees who have left the company that I am providing evidence for ?

@Francisca_Chiedu I would appreciate your input :pray:t5: Your contributions have been helpful on the platform

The answer is yes. They just need to state how they know you in the email.

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Thank you.
Just to further clarify. I meant reference letters for MC and OC… I hope it’s applicable too? They just need to state how they know me?

It does not matter, they just need to state it.

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Hi Francisca, Pls Is there a way I can directly reach out to you?

Post your question on the forum.

@Francisca_Chiedu Would it be okay to submit a letter of reference from someone who you worked with but has retired?

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what kind of reference letter?

A letter written by someone who can speak to my skills, contributions and impact, that I can use as part of my evidence in the mandatory/optional criteria?

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It has to be on a company letterhead.