Can I put an entry date that is far away?

I received my endorsement letter a month ago and I’m starting my stage-2 application.

Given that this is going to be a big move for me (with kid, job, etc), I want to give myself ample time to prepare for it. I plan to spend a few months in 2024 to travel in the UK and determine the location for the move, ensure a smooth transition for my kid/wife/job, then do the actual move by the end of 2024 or even early 2025.

My passport allows me to travel in the UK, so I’m thinking for the application: “Date you plan to arrive in the UK”, if I can put in late 2024 or early 2025. Is it going to be too far out?

I wonder if someone has been in similar situations. Any input is highly appreciated.

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. I got my endorsement in April 2022 and when they asked when I wanted to enter the UK in my stage 2 application, I filled Feb 2023. And that is exactly what was put on the vignette.

Everything went well. The only thing you will face is that your BRP might not be available at the post office that you chose when you enter the UK. You just need to contact the home office and they will deliver to your house at no cost.

Also your time starts reading from when you enter the UK

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That’s great. Thanks very much @oladayo_leggo!

A followup questions about dependents: Do you know if I can postpone their visa application till after we spend some time in the UK, say, by mid 2024? I don’t see any time constraints for dependents on so I assume this is fine, but want to make sure. Thanks.

not sure i get your Question. Are you asking if your dependant can apply after yu?

@Francisca_Chiedu yes. I will apply now. They will apply mid next year when we are sure about the move.

yes. you can apply for them whenever you want. The only primary applicant is time-bound.