Can i process a refund for the tech nation endorsement fee?

Hi everyone, the reason I’m asking this is because My international passport is being processed and on the UK govt official site, i was allowed to select an option of “I don’t have a Passport” with stating reasons.

After making payment, on the tech nation application form, the Passport number field is required.

I thought since the UK govt site allowed me apply without a passport yet, i could proceed with the application on tech nation.

Since i have 15working days and I’m unsure if my Passport will be out by then, can i request a refund? Or lodge any complaints?

@Francisca_Chiedu @Chaitanya_Bapat please help

You don’t need to possess physical copy of the passport at the time of Tech Nation endorsement application. Ofcourse you’d need it at Stage 2. But if your question is about stage 1 then you should be fine.

As for the specific question of refund - I haven’t asked/looked specifically for it. so I’m not exactly sure.

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Thanks @Chaitanya_Bapat for your response
but there is a field that ask passport number in the tech nation application form

I do not have the passport number has the passport is a fresh issue. The field is required and won’t let me proceed without it

Oh okay. I assumed you had your passport number with you. If you don’t know your passport number and it will take more than 15 days to get the passport number, you should ask them for refund.
Try emailing

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