Can I get BRP beyond my passport expiration?

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I got endorsement as a exceptional promise,

Considering this point that my passport expires in 3 years, can I pay and apply for a 5 year visa ?

I mean, do they provide me BRP beyond the expiration date of my passport?

Or should I apply for a new passport (takes time :frowning: ) and then apply for visa?

If they don’t give BRP beyond the passport expiration date, should I go for Global talent Visa Extension process after 3 years ?

Congrats on your endorsement @Sajjad_Bagheri_Baba.
Your brp validity period is not affected by your passport expiration date. In my case my passport was to expire a year from my BRP issue date.

There is no need to apply to replace your BRP if you obtain a new passport, unless you will have a different nationality or change your name.


thank you so much for your guide.