Can I be in the UK while waiting for my endorsement

Hey, I’m in the UK on a tourist visa (EU citizen) and wondering if I can stay here while I submit the application and wait for an answer.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks!

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Hi @Sonja_Fritz,

Yes, you absolutely can be in the UK as long as you have a valid visa (your tourist visa). Stage 1 (the endorsement) application has no effect on your immigration status one way or the other. That means that you can be here while you are waiting for your Stage 1 decision as long as you have a valid visa - Stage 1 application in process in itself does not grant you an immigration status of right to remain.

Please refer to Home Office documentation as per Stage 2 part after you hear back from Tech Nation if you granted the endorsement. As for Stage 2 you might have to go back to your home country and apply for Stage 2 from there.

Hope that helps.


Hi @herman.komashko

Thank you so much for your answer. Big help! Really appreciate it.
Have a lovely day!