Can i apply for Exceptional Promise

Please i want to know if I’m qualify with the following:

  1. I have over 4years experience in software development and engineering.
  2. I can get recommendation letter from my former company CTO and current company CEO
  3. I have contributes to stackoverflow questions and my answers has reached upto 2k users with 33 reputitions.
  4. I have upto 30 public open source repositories but not popular.
  5. Some of my project can be found on playstore and appstore
  6. I don’t have video/photo of me training people or non-profit organization but most free training are held on google meet.

please, @Francisca_Chiedu, @Savvkin and others, help me review it.

I think you can potentially apply for exceptional promise. You just need to ensure your recommenders have a strong profile to recommend you.

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Thanks so much for your quick response, i will give some feedback on it. Please @Francisca_Chiedu, could you allow me to send direct message to you?

Please post on the forum so that others can learn from the responses. Sending a direct message is a missed opportunity for others who may have similar questions.

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Yeah, thanks so much

@Francisca_Chiedu and other documents reviewer, you are highly appreciated. I wish you success in all your endeavor.

Kindly help me look into my document as i’ve arranged it based on what i have.

  1. A letter from my former company CTO
  2. A letter from a director of engineering in a company i worked remotely for.
  3. A letter from my current company CTO


  • Command high salary income
  • Employment letter that indicates i manage senior role in engineering department


  • Contribution to code modification that makes my current company gain over 3,000 users through referrer system. The system was designed before and was stoped because they loss over 2million naira.


  • My Stackoverflow account with 451 reputations and top 4% contributor this year.

However, I have a certificate of participation in Google Africa Developer Training Program, Feb., 2021. A six month training on Google Cloud.

I think it can be fitted in continuous learning/mastering (OC3).

Kindly help me review and re-arrange my document.

You need to read the tech nation guide for examples of evidence as what you have listed is not sufficient. Continuous learning bis no longer a criteria for endorsement.

Thanks so much for your response :cowboy_hat_face:

I really appreciate your honest feedback @Francisca_Chiedu