Can GT visa holder be director of a company and also be employed by a UK employer simultaneously?

I was reading the guideline on the UK gov website, that GT visa holders can run their own business or can be employed by a UK employer, but I’m confused if we can do both simultaneously.

For example, running a side-business by opening a company in the UK, while being on the payroll of a UK employer.

If you could provide any link to official guidelines, it would be super-helpful.

Many thanks!!

Hi @Saayushi_Sharma,

You absolutely can be full-time employed and be a director of the company at the same time. It is legal Starting a Business While Employed in the UK [All Considerations]

You should make sure that your contract with current employed does not prohibit you from this. I personally was full time employed and was a director of two limited companies, so it is possible.

Also make sure that you familiarise yourself with things like Self Assessment and Tax Return that you will need to manage yourself if you become a director of your limited company or hire someone to do that for you.