Can Apple AppStore app publication count towards "Media Publication" for MC?

I am wondering to know if someone has Apple AppStore developer account and has published apps. Can it be count towards media publication for MC? AppStore shows developer name on their store page.

There have been many developers here who have published apps on the different stores.

No, that does not count as Media Publication. Media Publication would be Forbes, Tech Crunch, Financial Times, Tech Cabal, etc. if it is written about your work.

Or IEEE, ACM, PUBMED, Nature, Computer Society etc. if it is written by you.

See snapshot:

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Thanks @ask4jubad
So AppStore publication is not valid evidence for media publication. Can it be used anywhere to support any criteria?

It could be used as metrics for impact under OC3 but I would say only in addition to other evidences.

but OC3 is applicable when you show impact of company’s product when you work for product led company. Here his apps are not of company but his own…Something like in addition to the working in company he has developed several apps and published on AppStore. Please advice Thanks

Remember that OC3 is about impact as founder or employee, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a company’s product or his own personal product. If he’s able to demonstrate his contributions, why not?

See here as one way to prove OC3:

  • Having worked as a key engineer in the core product of a start-up, showing evidence as to how you have contributed to its success.

I see
Thanks for the feedback @ask4jubad I really appriciate

I came across this post where @Victrr has used this evidence in MC and OC2 so just curious to know more

I think it’s clear.

If you look @Victrr’s submission, just as I have mentioned, app downloads on an app store is not sufficient, he submitted it in addition to many other evidences. In fact, if you take a look at his MC, you would see that app download is only an extremely inconsequential part of a whole. Imagine if you took out the app download part in his application, would you still consider it strong? YES.

Also, under OC2, the story that Victor presented was not that he had app downloads, rather the he built the app to help students (with that he was able to answer the OC2). Still, he didn’t just use the app download like that, it was in addition to several other evidences.

If you see my comment here, I mentioned that it must be used with other evidences.

I hope this addresses your curiousity.

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Thanks for the detailed response. If we remove this evidences still MC and OC2 are strong.
So overall my understanding from your guidance is

if one can show impact of an app it could be used as additional evidence for OC3 but for MC and OC2 it’s not
Please correct me if I am wrong

I don’t think it’s a binary thing. I believe it depends really on what you are trying to showcase.

It’s just my personal opinion that such metrics would be better suited for OC3.

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