Can a planned UK entry date 6 months out invalidate a stage 2 application?

I’ve applied for stage 2 (30th July). Biometrics appointment is for the 9th of August. My planned entry date into the UK is 14th January 2023 (also specified in visa application form). IHS paid as well.

Would the planned UK entry date of 14th January 2023 (just under 6 months from visa application date) constitute a problem for my stage 2 application? Would my application be considered too early for that date? If yes, what’s the implication?

Should I simply cancel the application and re-apply? Does that have any negative count on future applications?

There doesn’t seem to be any info or restrictions on how early one can apply for the global talent visa other than making sure one applies no later than 3 months after getting an endorsement.

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Hello, how did it go? Did you have an issue with your entry to the UK in January? I’m also considering a 5-6 months entry period after receiving the visa @westside

At the point of application, you can put a future date for your entry into the UK. For instance, if you plan to arrive in August 2024, your visa will be issued based on that date. This means you won’t be able to come into the UK until August 2024.

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