Can a Global Talent visa recipient switch endorsing body and how?

I would like to ask how someone who got Global Talent visa under one endorsing body can switch to another endorsing body e.g. Tech Nation to Royal Academy of Engineering and vice versa. Would it be possible to only apply for Stage 1 endorsement for the other endorsing body to receive the new endorsement and update their visa?

I have looked around but haven’t found any guideline on it. I know on Tier 2 visa there is a guideline on updating visa if you get another job or switch employer. There’s also a guideline on how to switch sponsor for Tier 4 student visa.

Also, the old guideline on Tier 1 visa states that:

“If you wish to switch endorsing body, you must provide a fresh endorsement letter from your new endorsing body. They must be content you have made satisfactory progress in developing your business during your initial leave”.

I am yet to find any guideline on how this works for the current Global Talent visa. Would the person need to make fresh Stage 1 & Stage 2 application, how does it affect their dependants, what are the cost and ILR implications?

Any help on this will be appreciated.

I don’t have much experience with switching but sounds right to apply for an endorsement on the new body since that is not a visa application it shouldn’t effect anything, but I am not sure about 2nd stage application.
Maybe you can ask HomeOffice through this email:
Or by UKVI contact form:
Why do you need to switch? A change on working field?

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Thanks for your response @veysi. I did ask Home Office and their response was:
“It is not permissable for someone who has (or held within the last 12 months) a visa under the Global Talent route on the basis of a ‘promise’ endorsement to re-apply for a new Global Talent visa endorsed by another endorsing body.”

I didn’t find this in their guidelines, so I was curious if this is possible and if it reflects how Tier 2 visas work with switching sponsors for persons who could be endorsed by more than one endorsing body.

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