Came home to Canada to do Stage 2 outside the country. Bad?

Hi all. A couple of months ago I got the ball rolling for endorsement (October). It took awhile to get all my materials back (reference letters), but I did eventually and received endorsement on Dec 2.

Here’s the issue. I’m on a Tier 5 YMV that expires on January 22nd. I came home to Canada to submit Stage 2 in case I end up overstaying that visa while waiting for this one. My biometrics appointment is in Toronto on Wednesday. I just watched some Youtube video with a man who cited Stage 2 rejections when people screw up where they should be applying from, geographically speaking. Now I’m worried I should have just stayed in London and applied from there.

In my Stage 1 app I listed my UK correspondence address, in Stage 2 I included both my Canada and UK one. Am I in trouble?

I don’t think so, you could have had a change in circumstance, which is pretty much the case here as your residency in the UK will expire in January. , though if you applied in the UK you would have been fine as long as you apply before your visa expires.

In any case, you are resident in Canada so it should not be a problem.

If in doubt check the home office guide. Don’t panic because of a YouTube video, if there is an issue with your application, most of the time home office will contact you.

Thanks Francisca, that is a bit reassuring. I checked my Tech Nation app and noticed I indeed wrote “switching from another visa”. Think that will harm me?

Ref to video at 13:05:

Check the official home office guide.


Validity requirements
In order for an application for permission to be valid the following requirements must
be met:
• the application must have been made on the correct form
• any fee and Immigration Health Charge must have been paid
• the applicant must have provided any required biometrics
• the applicant must have provided a passport or other travel document which
satisfactorily establishes their identity and nationality
• the applicant must have been issued with an endorsement letter by a Home
Office approved endorsing body or have been awarded a prize listed in
Appendix Global Talent: Prestigious Prizes
• if applying for the first grant of entry clearance or permission to stay on the
Global Talent route using an endorsement letter, the date of application must
be no more than 3 months after the date on the endorsement letter
• the endorsement or prize must not have been withdrawn or suspended
• the applicant must be at least 18 years old on the date of application

In which I guess point 1 is the most relevant to my question here. I definitely used the “Outside the UK” form for Stage 2, so that seems fine. Unless it matters that I may not have done that for Stage 1.

FYI - this application went through no problem, if anyone else ends up with the same anxieties.