Business route. Second attempt. Please, review and evaluate. Thank you in advance!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I wish to thank everybody for their outstanding work - helping us with the endorsement.
This is my second attempt. The first one wasn’t too good. I had a rejection.

One year has passed, and now I think I’m ready for the next try. Please wish me luck. :slight_smile:
And please, if you have a spare minute, can I have your thoughts about my new structure & pieces of evidence? Any kind of criticism is much appreciated:

I’m a digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience both agency & in-house.
For the last 5-6 years, I have primarily focused on global expansion & new innovative tech product development. I have lived in the UK for 3.5 years and am happy to stay. Working as a Head of Growth in a few startups (all of them are tech innovative companies with significant revenue), I command a high-end salary and stock options, gather teams, and present a few new products onto the market.

Here is what I’ll bring to the committee:


The principal from the venture capital firm involved in round B had me as an internal Head of Growth. Describing my innovative approach, hands-on experience in implementation and overall impact on the Tech society.


Head of Mentorship in online university, where I was HOG as well. Describing my impact on the business and the society, my personal leadership skills. Put some light on my next project that I want to build here in the UK (parents parental educational & support platform), describing how it will be important that with the global talent visa, I’ll be free to develop it from an early stage.


Meeh, I still have not decided yet, to be honest. My previous letter was weak-weak. Maybe I’ll put a letter from the Head of Science at my earlier work. Brilliant and well-known English teacher.


Mandatory criteria:

LOE from a well-known UK-based angel investor who funded the last startup I was in.
Bio/credentials/How we met
How I contributed in advance to the EdTech company by reshaping the whole commercial model of the business (from subscription to pay upfront).
How I lead the new AI-driven product that allows the company to double its revenue.
My leadership qualities and blah blah.

LOE from the founder and SEO of my latest venture.
Again, bio, creds, how we met.
About the impact of my decisions - a surge in sales, revenue, profitability.
About my leadership skills and how I utilise them to gather the marketing, sales and product team.

LOR from previous EdTech business founder.
Bio, creds.
Information about my innovative and groundbreaking decision to merge subscription physical products with the mobile app to build a comprehensive educational ecosystem. Leading to +40% of revenue, +20% of profitability and blah blah.

Evidence 4:

LOR from founder of accelerator, evidenced that I was a speaker on their SCALE program at least 4 times. Screenshots me in zoom, newsclippings and announcements of the meetings (at least 7 of them overall). Many of screenshots me on digital “stage” in front of more than 50 people. Talks about growth, new markets, startups, product development, innovations.

Optional criteria 1:

Evidence 5:
Internal documents about the latest business (online uni):
Graphs, Wireframes, Figma Prototypes, Google Analytics snapshots, Revenue documents to prove in market presence, States of agreement, etc etc.

Evidence 6:
LOE from the COO of the business. Describing my operational efforts to put this thing live. Describing my innovative approach to prototyping, AI implementation and team collaboration.

Evidence 7:

LOE from the CTO of the previous business that I worked in. Describing how it was a pain the butt to deliver more than 100 000 packages around the world with the subscription, where the product cannot be repetitive, and you must produce (not to clatter the warehouse) and simultaneously predict which box will be sent where. How I invent the innovative business and operational process to overcome the issue. How it allows to send more than 10 millions of boxes around the world.

Optional criteria 3:

Evidence 8:

P60 with a salary >£100k pa. Stock options acquiring agreement (worth around $1mn nowadays).

Evidence 9:

Internal documents from the same startup:
Google Analytics, screenshots from Metabase, financial statements, screenshots of the product in the market, Trustpilot reviews, etc.

Evidence 10:

Letter from CMO and internal screenshots from the FinTech platform that I worked 4-5 years ago. Enormous growth of the userbase in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Phew… I hope you read this all, haha.
Thank you for any tips or criticism. Anything would be helpful.
I am more or less ready to deploy, but if you think I might change something - ill certainly do it!

Thank you and much love for you all!

I don’t think your evidence has improved since you last applied. Your evidence are mostly better.
Also not your LOR are not suitable especially LOR3. Is head of mentoring a know tech expert in the field? How does a well know teach qualify as a tech expert. You still need to leverage your network in the digital technology sector to get quality recommendation letters.

Aside internal documents and P60, most of your evidence are letters, there nothing showing your have national and international recognition as a leader in the digital technology sector. No speaking event, no thought leadership, no media recognition or award …