BRP Issued, but application still under process

I have submitted an application for GTV Stage 2 along with my dependents (wife and child) on Feb 24 and opted for priority service. A successful decision on my dependents was issued on Feb 28 and I have received their passports via courier. I can see their vignette and everything looks ok. Also my BRP was issued on Feb 26 and was delivered to my address in UK.

However, my application (Main applicant) is still under process, and its been more than 2 weeks. I have called VFS, the embassy, UKVI and no one seems to have an answer to why its delayed and all I’m getting is to wait for the decision.

Is this normal? does this happen often? I find it strange that the application is still under process while my dependents visas are issued, and my BRP is already issued.


It is probably a logistics issue.

can you please share when did you complete stage 1? the timeline?

thanks in advance