BRP card collection

Dear All,

I got GTV visa approved( applied from outside of UK) on May 30th and vignette has start date of 5th July and UpTo 90 days.I am planning to travel to UK on 6th or 7th of July to collect the BRP card from the intended post office.Does any one know how many days after my visa approval date (5th of July) ,my BRP card will be made available in the post office? The decision letter says that “BRP card will be made available for collection 2 weeks from the date of issue of visa”.Does the date of issue of visa starts from may 30th( when decision is made) or 5th of July ( which is stated In the vignette)? Pls confirm.Also is there a way to track the arrival of BRP card in the relavent post office?


Hi @ppkumar I really have the exact same question. Do you have any information on this?