Bit more details on the 10 pieces of evidence

Hi my Tech Nation Visa fam, I am trying to arrange all the evidences for my application. I am struggling to understand one thing: The document mentions that I can at most provide 10 pieces of evidence and each evidence can be no more than three A4 sides in length.

  1. Does the 10 pieces of evidence include the 3 recommendation letters that are mandatory?
  2. How do your arrange the 10 pieces of evidence for ease of understanding? (What was your method/approach of doing this the best way you thought it to be as part of your application?)
  3. Any tips/suggestions that most people might not be aware?
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On the Tech Nation guide, the Document Checklist cover the following: (1) 1000 word Personal Statement (ii) CV (iii) three recommendation letter (iv) !0 piece of evidence.

So the recommendation letters are separate from the 10 pieces of evidence. In total you should have 15 documents ( 3 Recommendation letters + CV + Personal statement + 10 pieces of Evidence) However, your personal statement be pasted on the tech nation form, while the remaining 14 documents will be uploaded separately. When you pay and get to that point you will understand what to do. You will arrange the documents based on the eligibility criteria you select. You will be asked to choose two optional criteria and list the documents you are uploading.


Thank you, Francisca, for your reply and for clarification. :slight_smile:

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Just to understand this better.

10 peices of evidence can be organized in 2 ways -

A. In a sequential format that tells a coherent story – but each individual document may hit random criteria – say documents 3 and 6 hit mandatory criteria and documents 2, 4, 9 hit OC2 (Upload all 10 docs together)


B. By criteria - Mandatory criteria doc 1 and 2, OC2 doc 3-5 and OC3 doc 6-10
Even though the story presented is not sequential (or the reader has to work harder to fill in the gaps) -(Upload 2-5 documents under each criterion not all 10 docs together)

@Francisca_Chiedu - Option B is what we have to go for – right?

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I think you are over thinking thongs. Simply follow the guideline and provide evidence based on the eligibility criteria you are selection. When you are submitting on technation website, you upload the documents based on the criteria you select


Hi, on TechNation>Examples of Evidences>4th point is “personal factors such as your academic track record, salary level and company you’re being hired by”. My questions is, 1) Do I need to submit my salary slip or a salary letter? 2) Which criteria does this salary counts to?

You can combine both employment contract and payslips and

  1. MC

You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.
Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation

  1. OC1
  1. OC3
  • Employment contract with salary information including any bonus and equity options (although you will have to demonstrate how you have made a significant impact in the sector beyond your day-to-day activities);
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Hi @Chaitanya_Bapat

Does it mean that the salary can be used as MC, OC1and OC3 at the same time? or once it is used for one of these criteria, it can’t be used for the other two?

By rule, you can use 1 piece of evidence for more than 1 criterion. So you could use salary for all 3 criterion. But it’s not going to be sufficient [in itself]. So you would need other solid evidence for all 3 criterion.