Biometrics Post 3 Months Deadline - Stage 2

Hey folks,

I want to check. Can we submit a stage 2 online application, pay for all relevant fees within the 3-month deadline, and then get a biometrics appointment post 3 months, Is this possible?

I am confused if biometrics to be done within 3 months or we can do after 3 months of receiving endorsement as well

If your splan is to arrive the UK much latter best to apply and do your biometric with 3 months, however you can state in your visa you like your entry date into the UK to be 3months or a longer period. For instance if you plan to move to the UK in September 2023, you can fill that in your visa application, that way you have your visa now but can only enter the UK from September.

I am in UK but my partner is not here, we both are on tier 2 visas, and we want to apply together for switch. Due to some unforeseen circumstances she can come to UK 2 weeks before the 3-month notification expires. So I can definitely submit an application, make payment for both of us, but I am afraid if I can get an biometric appointment within 3 months

don’t take things for granted , people outside are looking for opportunities and struggling to get endorsed even after 2-3 rejections.
So better get the visa as early don’t delay further ,get it done and ask your wife to make the entry and then she can take a break if its emergency.

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Hi @la0709, let me answer your question based on my experience. The biometrics does not have to be done within the 3 months after endorsements.

I missed my biometric appointment and it over shoot by an extra 3 weeks or so and I still got the visa approved.

What is critical is that you must successfully submit your stage 2 application before the 3 month after getting your endorsement. They give more time for you to turn in your biometric capture.