Biometric appointment after the 3 month deadline?

Hi all,

I’m applying for the Global Talent visa from outside the UK. I received my Tech Nation endorsement on Aug 21 2020, so I have until Nov 21 to apply for stage 2 (i.e. 3 months). I already submitted my stage 2 application to the Home Office, and paid the IHS surcharge. However the next biometric collection appointment they have available here is not till mid-December. By the time I submit my biometrics it will have been past the 3 month deadline from receiving my endorsement. I’m wondering if this will negatively impact my application. I’m also concerned about potential COVID-19 related lockdowns which could result in my December appointment being cancelled and delayed further. Has anyone been in a similar situation and know if the Home Office will reject an application if the biometric stage is past the 3 month deadline?