Backup plan if BRP is not available for pickup

Background: I had my visa approved in early October with a specified arrival date in mid January 2024. My plan is to make a short trip to the UK to pick up the BRP first before moving to the UK later. From another thread it sounds like my BRP should be ready for pickup soon after visa approval, and the post office will hold it for 45 days.

I’m now planning a 1-week trip to the UK in late January to pick up my BRP. I wonder what I can do if my BRP is not with the post office at the time of my trip. Should I contact someone to mail it to me? Can it be an international address?

I tried calling the post office but couldn’t get to a person to talk to. I also tried submitting an inquiry online but have not heard back for a while. I wonder if anyone on this forum has run into similar situations. Much thanks for your advice.

If you have a friend there, you can ask them to go to the post office and ask if they have your BRP and how long they will keep it there.

Thanks @Edg
Unfortunately I don’t know anyone living there.

But if I were able to find someone to do it, what information would that person need? Is my name and the ref number on the decision letter enough?

Yes, the name and reference number were enough for my case.

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