Asking for your feedback for my application for Talent (product-led growth and marketing)

Hello everyone! I heard the system will change at the end of March last week. And since then, I have been working really hard to at least try my chance and apply for talent route next week.

I’ve read a lot of posts here. I really appreciate this forum and helpful people. I plan to finalize everything by this Sunday then get letters as soon as possible and finalize application.

PS: this whole process is so huge. Even while writing this post, I changed a few things and then had to plan everything all together :slight_smile:

I’m currently an early employee and head of marketing at an international tech startup.

I’m also a marketing advisor to three international tech startups and I have their letters (Reference1, Reference3, support1). I don’t hold any of their equity or get any salary. I just enjoy offering my help to these amazing founders very much as each of them are huge experts in domain and very successful founders.

I have over 10 years of experience in tech so I’m going with Talent route, eventhough I’d be happier to apply as Promise.

  • Reference 1: CEO and Founder of a London based tech startup
  • Reference 2: Director of Marketing at a San Francisco based tech startup & paying customer of our product
  • Reference 3: Co-founder of a San Francisco based tech startup


  • I led the growth of my startup with SEO and made it category leader on organic traffic evidenced by screenshots from ahrefs as we surpassed competitors raised $400M+. Also the content I wrote on our blog and Quora are quoted by highly respected tech websites and viewed by 1M+ people. Evidenced by screenshots and links.
  • I also achieved growth with successful product launches on Product Hunt, one of them became exceptionally successful. Evidenced by screenshot of Product Hunt’s newsletter and link to it + support letter1 from a tech company founder from London as I led their Product Hunt launch
  • I led the commercial growth of my startup. support letter2 from my CEO and co-founder of the company.
  • I cowrote an ebook with respected product tech company and it’s downloaded by 10K+ professionals. Evidenced by screenshots of the downloaders and landing page on this partner’s website, and a link to it.


  • International sales and building distribution channels in new countries, evidenced by screenshots from Intercom, Hubspot, and Stripe.
  • Our product itself is in an innovative area and I advocate this innovation as setting marketing and growth strategies. evidenced by customer reviews as they call our product innovative, screenshot of our partnership with an innovation center based in UK focusing on the same area with our product + support letter3 from an ex-colleague, now an experienced tech product director and angel investor. she wants to invest in a startup in my company’s field as she believes it’ll keep growing


  • Played a key role in company’s commercial growth with big impact on leads generated. Evidenced by screenshots from Google Analytics for numbers and Miro for processed I developed and implemented.
  • My employee contract containing salary and stock option information.

Apart from the letters my advisee, I don’t really have a public appreance or contributions. I can get screenshots to prove the impact of my work with them. This is why I didn’t go with OC2.

But I’m afraid that my growth related results are somehwat repetitive and might eventually be considered as “just a skiller worker, not someone exceptional” as I read from some of our friends’ rejection feedback here on forum.

Well, yeah, it’s hard being an introvert marketing person :slight_smile: without physical appearances, it’s hard to build a solid case I suppose.

And I can only build 8 cases. I can come up with more ideas but I believe they are not as “exceptional” as these. So I hope going with a strong (as strong as it gets) 8/10 is better than going with a not so strong 10/10