Asking for GTV (endorsed funded) stage 2 for dependents

Hi. I am confused while applying for GTV stage 2 for dependants at the same time as me inside the UK. In my link (main applicant) I have to fill in all information about dependents as a “family group”. Do I need to create partner and kid separate application links or can use the “family group” application in my link? I am confused that when the NHS will charge the fee for our dependents. It will charge at the “pay” step when I finish my application link or charge separately at each application link.

In addition, do I need to prove the address for my kid? I don’t know any document for him to prove this.

I plan to use the priority service to have a quick decision. Does the priority service require us to pay at the time of applying on the website or at the time of getting biometrics?

I am on a student visa. While waiting for a visa decision, can I stay in the UK legally? My visa will end next month.


I do not have the answer to a lot of your questions but I have the answer to one.

When you put in your application for a visa before the expiry date of your present visa, you can legally stay in the UK until a decision has been made on your application.

Hi @Conloc27 , Congratulations on your endorsement.

You should check but to my understanding once you apply for the visa , you are allowed to stay until a decision is reached on your application. It may be best to reconfirm from Home Office though.

You would need to create new applications for your partner and dependents. There is a way to link the applications but I think in terms of the NHS fees, it would be paid separately per application.

I am not sure how the Priority service works.

This is not Immigration nor Legal Advise. I hope my comments helps you check for the correct information.

Thanks for your response. I have just called to support line of the Home Office, they said that I can add my applicants to one link and pay for the whole family. I did not pay NHS yet. Still, check the documents only.

Do you know how to scan the documents? we scan all and put all in one PDF file or we upload one by one. It has been a long time since the last application so I do not remember. Thanks