Asking about time line for ILR


I would like to ask if I nearly finish 3 years of GTV (fast track) when I should apply for ILR (28 days before the 3-year visa expires, right?). My dependants also nearly finish 3 years, the same time as me. When can I extend their two years visa? I should apply for ILR first and then after I receive the decision I apply for them. Or can I apply extension for them at the same time I apply for my ILR? I am a bit confused about the timeline in this situation. Can anyone give advice?


You can apply for ILR 28 days before your visa expires and extend for your dependent

Can I apply ILR and dependent extension at the same time, right?If I apply at the same time, how HO know my ILR would be successful to decide the extension visas for my dependants? Thanks.

@Conloc27 How did you go about this? I am in same boat and need to file for my ILR and my dependents extension

Simply file super priority ILR application and then apply for your dependants.