Arrival date VS travel date

Hello everybody
I’ve got my talent endorsement and visa with arrival date of 15th December, but I’d pre-booked my flight for 26th of November. Can I travel to UK on 26th of Nov though my arrival date is 15 of December?

Has your visa been issued yet? Most times the visa will start from -1 or 2 days from the date you plan to travel depending on when you did your Biometrics. But for as long as your visa starts before the date you’re traveling, there’s no problems. They don’t expect you to arrive exactly that day.

Yes, I already have my visa

Check the “valid from” date on your visa, if it’s before 26 November then you can travel. If not, you’ll have to wait till the date specified there.

If your visa start date is begin (usually it does), you can come whenever you want. Check your vignette (sticker pasted on passport). Otherwise you have to wait.

you can no travel in November as you do not have entry clearance until 15 December, you can move your flight forward.

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