Are the content in LoR considered for meeting criterias?

Hi everyone,
I learnt about that in the evidence, the reference letters are seperate from LoRs.

I wonder what is the purpose of LoRs then?

People who wrote my LoR have mentioned me meeting criteria and provided evidence in the LoR. Are these content automatically being considered as evidence?(i.e. the LoRs are already counted in as evidence) or they are just gonna be negected when reviewers are checking if I meet each criatera?

@Francisca_Chiedu would be shed some lights on it?

The Letter of Recommendation are also a requirement different from the evidence. Lately, feedback from rejected applications shows that some application have been rejected because the recommendation letter didn’t capture the points stated in the tech nation guide

Thanks! @Francisca_Chiedu

when examing the MC and two OCs, are only those 10 evidence taken into consideration?
or 10evidence + 3LoRs all together will be considered for deciding if MC and OCs are met?

Based on the tech nation guide, the checklist shows 4 items that is used to make a decision, Personal Statement, 3 recommendation letters, Cv and up to 10 piece of evodence. All these are considered. Based on feedback from rejected applications, different assessors based their decisions on different things. Just ensure you provide all that is required to make your application successful. I do not work fro Tech Nation, i am only basing my response on the tech nation guide and what we have learnt from successful and unsuccessful applications.