Are business analysts eligible for endorsement?

Hi everyone, please I would like to know if I am eligible for tech nation endorsement for exceptional talent (being that I have more than 5 years experience and may not qualify for exceptional promise).

I have been a lead Business Analyst for the past 4 years in an infrastructure company creating smart cities in certain regions, leveraging partnership with IT OEMs and integration partners. Before that, I was the CFO for an IT company providing ERP and payment platforms for SMEs as well as collection platforms for internally generated revenue.

Outside of my day-to-day work, I serve as a mentor to the investee companies of a venture capitalist focused on Fin-tech startups.

I can get reference letters from the CEOs/Founders of these companies (including the venture capital company) stating the impact that I have made to their businesses. I can also provide the financial performance reports for the two companies that I have worked in to show the impact of my work on the P&L.

Please, do you think I stand a chance? Are there any pointers you can give me to make my application better?

Yes you may be eligible. You need to show evidence that you meet one mandatory and two optional criteria. Go through the tech nation guide and see which criteria and examples are simliar to your experience.

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